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3 Dimensional Facial Anatomy - Live Lecture

Take your practical training to the next level, with Dr Zoheir KACEM


This 3 Dimensional Facial Anatomy eLearning Course is designed to provide the core knowledge and skills required to maximise safety during soft-tissue filler injections! 


There are no safe zones in the face. 


There are only safe layers.


Learning the facial layered anatomy and how to inject safely in the right layer of each area of the face.


A systematic and effective strategy aimed at reducing the risk of filler complications during facial aesthetic procedures.

This is a live online training session. Once the course is booked you will be sent a confirmation email with your selected date and the link to the online platform Zoom.


On the day you will need to have downloaded the Zoom App if you have not done so already and click on the link given in the confirmation email.


The lecture will last approximately 3 hours. Once finished you will need to fill out a multiple choice assessment sheet in your BBAIM Academy account. Only then will you be sent your certificate.


The subjects covered during the lecture are as follows:

- Facial assessment

- 3 D Crucial Facial anatomy

- Facial arteries and veins

- Facial danger zones

- Soft tissue and bony landmarks of the danger zones of the face

- Injection technique strategies to ovoid the danger zones of the face.


Questions: Any question will need to be sent to our email info@bbaim.co.uk, all question will be answered, compiled together and sent back to each attendee.

Dr Zoheir Kacem, MD. Paris, London.


Cosmetic Doctor since 2002.


International Speaker and Trainer in Aesthetic Medicine.

Training Fee: £250


Duration: 3 Hours (Live Online)


Payment Methods: Once the course is booked you follow the steps through to the end and enter your payment details online.


Price: £ 250

Once course is paid you will be directed to the registration form where you will enter your details and choose your date. Courses run on a watch now basis or 1pm everyday
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