British Board of Anti-Ageing & Integrated Medicine provides and facilitates the following:

  • Admissions are open to volunteers of BBAIM following the verification of the respective valid transcripts/documents by the Scientific Committee.(Membership is open to all qualified practitioners e.g. holistic health practitioners and Medical doctors,dentists, nurses, midwifes, vets with an alternative medicine educational background of at least 2 yrs at any of the accredited Universities/colleges or institutes and for Anti-ageing and Aesthetic Medicine requires 50 points of CPD in the respective field).
  • Monthly Submission of Integrative Medicine, Anti-ageing&Aesthetic Medicine Newsletters to the BBAIM Board of Committee Members.
  • On selection of Top articles sent will be published in the monthly Newsletter.
  • Forums on information Technology, Treatments, Research and exchanging experiences.
  • Including the Designation, contact details and names of the members on the BBAIM website.
  • Annual certification for members with the respective Code of Ethics with which on searching the respective member will be identified with the BBAIM Ethical Code mentioned in the certificate.
  • Aiming at latest achievements by conducting annual Anti-Ageing and Integrative Medicinal Seminars.
  • Conducting workshops based on Anti-Ageing and Integrated Medicine.
  • Distant Learning in various subjects related to Integrative Medicine and Anti-Ageing Science and issuing Certificate of Completion,Certificate of Proficiency ,Certificate of competency and degree in under graduation and post-graduation level with BBAIM associated universities.
  • Online Consultations on different methods of Integrative Medicine and Anti-ageing Science.

Course information

The BBAIM training centre provides Basic, Intermediate and Advanced training Courses in, Integrated Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Ageing.

 Determination and Dedication

British Board of Anti-ageing and Integrated Medicine (BBAIM) is dedicated to promoting the latest advances and safety and quality in aesthetic medicine. This can be achieved by collaboration of experts and leading providers of Anti-ageing , Holistic Medicine as well as non-surgical treatment specialists.

Consultation and Advocacy

We believe that consultations and treatments in Holistic and medical aesthetic clinics mustbe provided by specialized doctors, registered and qualified nurses and professional post-graduate trainees in the aesthetic medicine programs. The priority should be given to the patient’s interests and safety.

 Safety and Excellence

We strive to propegate sound, updated and trustworthy advice on anti-ageing & aesthetic medicine and integrative medicine to our colleagues and clients. We believe in offering treatments that can improve the appearance and quality of life and advising against procedures that may not be suitable for the clients needs.

 Performance and Promotion

We believe that performing non-invasive procedures as alternatives can help to create a youthful, relaxed, and refreshed looking appearance as well.

Education and Awareness

We are committed to creating opportunities for our colleagues to share their leading edge information in aesthetic medicine, anti-ageing medicine and integrative medicine. Annual conferences as well as workshops and training sessions are our special interests and on the top of our agenda.

Training and Certification

For younger professionals and individuals interested in the medical aesthetics,anti-ageing & integrative medicine field, we are dedicated to offering the best possible advise on chosen career path by providing with the knowledge and experience